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Wedding Season in NYC

What better season than ‘Wedding Season?’

From late Spring to early Fall the arrival of wedding season in New York City is truly a sight to behold. As spring blossoms into summer, the city seems to come alive with the joy and excitement of couples embarking on their journey together. From the iconic landmarks to the hidden gems, Relish Catering + Hospitality is partnered with a plethora of stunning venues for couples to say their “I do’s.”
Central Park emerges as a top choice for outdoor ceremonies, with its picturesque settings providing a natural backdrop for exchanging vows, including the option of Central Park Zoo – think about that photo op! For those seeking a more urban vibe, the city’s rooftop venues offer breathtaking panoramas of the iconic skyline. Imagine celebrating love with outstanding views of the Hudson River, at Penthouse 45 – it’s an experience that’s hard to rival.
The diversity of New York City’s neighborhoods also plays a significant role in shaping the wedding experience. From the trendy spaces in Brooklyn, like 74Wythe to the elegant spaces in Manhattan, including Bathhouse Studios and Glasshouse Chelsea, or Staten Island at Celebrate At Snug Harbor, each locale adds its own unique flair to the celebration, ensuring that every wedding is as distinctive as the couple themselves.
And let’s not forget about the cuisine – Relish’s culinary presentation ensures that wedding guests are treated to a memorable dining experience from start to finish. From curated menu presentations and bespoke event design, Relish is there to guide and assist in bringing your vision to life. Relish’s chefs take a global approach to creating your menu, preparing farm-to-fork experiences. By starting from the source and adding expert preparation with flawless service, it is a must to deliver bold flavors in a format that all guests will love.

It’s a time when love takes center stage, creating memories that will last a lifetime is a top priority for Relish Catering + Hospitality. Start planning, today!

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