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Springtime Means Blossoming Partnerships

Kasie Sullivan recently highlighted one of our newest exclusive venues, Oasis @ 437 Madison, and the Open House we recently co-hosted for NYC’s event and meeting planners. If you’ve been following us over the past few months, you may have noticed an influx in not only new clients and events but also some great new vendor-partners, including a host of new venues!

Now, some of these newly acquired partnerships are fully exclusive, while others are just strongly recommended or preferred. Relish takes much pride in this, as these venues can partner with and/or recommend anyone, and they decide to include Relish. This is an honor and a responsibility that comes with a level of service and hospitality that we need to live up to each and every time.

Some of our newest partnerships (again, exclusive and preferred) that you may not have yet heard about, where we have been working often are: Live Nation’s Irving Plaza and Gramercy Theater; The Graduate Center at CUNY; Lavan541 Chelsea and Lavan641 Midtown; Manhattan Center; No. 2 East 90th; The House of the Redeemer; TwoFortyThirty; and a few MORE!

We may have a core focus on catering and hospitality, but don’t forget to call us if you are shopping around for an event space too!

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