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NYC Large-Scale Conferences

Conference season is approaching!

Don’t let planning a large-scale conference be a daunting task, Relish Catering + Hospitality is an expert in all things conference planning – from catering and event planning to day of logistics and execution.
When hosting a conference, bringing together professionals from tech companies, real estate firms, and much more, providing the right catering options is crucial to keeping attendees engaged and satisfied throughout the day.

First and foremost, it’s essential to offer a diverse range of catering options to accommodate attendees with different dietary preferences, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan, too. From hearty breakfast options to fuel attendees for a day of sessions and workshops, to a variety of lunch choices to suit different tastes, and a satisfying dinner spread to wrap up the day, there should be something for everyone. Interactive food stations and buffets can also add an element of fun and engagement to the conference, allowing attendees to customize their meals and interact with each other in a more relaxed setting.

For breakfast, a mix of healthy and indulgent options can be offered, including fresh fruit platters, yogurt and granola parfaits, assorted pastries, or even an energizing smoothie station. Lunch can feature a combination of hot and cold dishes, such as flavorful salads, gourmet sandwiches and wraps, as well as hot food stations serving global cuisine to cater to diverse palates. Additionally, providing plenty of snack options throughout the day, such as nut mixes, protein bars, and refreshing beverages, can help keep attendees focused and energized. When it comes to dinner, a well-curated menu featuring a variety of culinary styles can be a highlight of the conference experience. Buffet-style dinners with chef-manned stations can offer attendees the opportunity to interact with chefs and customize their meals according to their preferences. Whether it’s a themed dinner event or a more formal sit-down affair, the dinner should provide a perfect opportunity for networking and unwinding after a busy day.

Moreover, Relish focuses on the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-conscious practices, offering locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, as well as minimizing food waste through careful planning, aligning with the values of many conference attendees.

Relish has had the opportunity to cater large-scale conferences such as Advertising Week, ETH Global, SmartCon, NYTimes, and more – Relish knows that food can make a significant impact on the guest experience and is sure to deliver delicious and thoughtful meals that leave a lasting impression.

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