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The “L” Word

February is typically a month of celebration and reflection. A celebration of black history as well as a celebration of LOVE and Saint Valentine.

As our team gears up for the next chapter and focuses on the growth of Relish 2.0, I can only reflect and celebrate on all that Relish Catering + Hospitality has accomplished in its first 20+ years.

When it comes to “work,” what are some of the things that I truly love?

Collaboration. Teamwork. Strong Foundations & Systems. Community. Creativity. Problem-Solving. Innovation. Self-Awareness. Accountability. Respect. TRUST. Strong Communication. And of course, Hospitality.

The list goes well beyond the above, but what is important to take away from this is that no business succeeds without many of these characteristics, skills, and behaviors being front and center. If a team cannot appreciate one another’s doings, within their respective roles, then all will eventually fail. What truly makes a GREAT team, is how each individual balances the other. “My” strengths are “your” weaknesses, and “my” weaknesses are “your” strengths. Like the universe, a business needs BALANCE in order to survive.

Is Relish perfect? No. No human is perfect, and businesses are run by humans. However, I LOVE where we are headed as a team, as well as those we are headed there with. Is there room for improvement? ALWAYS. Anyone that thinks otherwise is doomed for failure (“Blockbuster”).

As I reflect on my previous roles, I’ve always taken away new values, lessons, and friends. Today, and every single day after today, I will continue to work diligently to employ all of this to ensure that Relish 2.0 is THE leading hospitality firm in NYC! But I cannot do it alone…and I LOVE THAT!

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