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Set Intention

I recently read an article about Patagonia shutting down all of their stores for a full week at the end of 2022. They also did this in 2021 and decided to make it standard. The author focused not on the financial impact to the company or how this affected customers but on these six words: “We believe in quality of life.” So simple. To the point. Yet, still so groundbreaking. A norm in many other countries but a foreign concept here in the United States. (A recent report listed the top 10 cities with the best work-life balance – only one North American city made the list: Ottawa.) 

I’m not one to make resolutions but I do set intentions for myself both personally and professionally every year. In 2023, professionally, I intend to help everyone find the proper work life balance to bring them optimal joy. I intend to assist employers create the best environment for their employees as the push for RTO (“return to office”) intensifies. And I intend to do all of this through food. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Afternoon snacks. Relish and I are here because we too believe in quality of life.

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