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Supporting the Bronx Community

Relish Catering + Hospitality began supporting Covenant House at the onset of the pandemic and has continued to expand our support and partnership over the last few years. Each month, Relish provides meals for Covenant House, delivering them throughout our neighborhood. In our time of partnering with CHNY, Relish has provided 4,323 meals to their centers. Covenant House is extremely grateful and appreciative of our monthly donations, as well as our pop-up donations for events they host in-house!

This week was the first time our team was able to volunteer “in- person” and participate in an “Art Therapy” activity. Charles, Bel, Chaz, and Meme took the latter half of their day to represent Relish and participate in activities with the youth.

“I cannot thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedules to hang and craft with our youth. They really loved today!”

Cyndi Snyder, Director of Strategic Partnerships

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in such an awesome event, the experience was not only amazing but also breathtaking. To be able to work side by side instead of being behind the scenes with both clients and staff is a memory I will forever keep with me. Thank you, again.”

Meme, Driver, Relish Catering + Hospitality

“It’s always an amazing feeling to help people less fortunate than you. Yes, providing meals for Covenant House is a great feeling, but actually being able to interact with the youth and talk to them was definitely food for the soul.”

Chaz Brown, Facilities, Fleet, + Logistics Manager, Relish Catering + Hospitality

It was wonderful to meet many of the Covenant House employees, but also the youth we have helped to feed over time. We look forward to our continued partnership with Covenant House and benefiting the local youth community.

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