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Many Events, Giving Back, and Being Thankful

The trend of blog writing on rainy days has become apparent. Something about the sound of rainfall allows the mind to relax and open. Mindfulness is more important now than ever, and I feel that finding these “breaks” within my busy schedule to just sit and write allows me to clear my mind and get back to doing what I need to do. Make sure you find time for your mental health.

My last letter to you talked about the amazing surge in business our industry is handling at the moment. With the holiday season just weeks away, we are so grateful to have a busy calendar that keeps our amazing team working. December events have historically been over a three-week period, prior to Christmas. This year, we are seeing a big push over only a two-week period. My assumption is due to how November ends and December begins. Thankfully to see our competitors and our vendor-partners are also very busy during this time. I am also grateful to see that our team will be able to enjoy the holidays with their friends and families, after working so hard.

In upcoming letters from our amazing team members, we will be highlighting some of the amazing non-profit groups we support via upcycling and donations of food. Holidays are a time for giving back, but also for giving thanks. Don’t assume colleagues have friends and families to celebrate the holidays with. Don’t assume colleagues aren’t stressed or worried this holiday season. Do tell them “thank you” and how much you appreciate their efforts. Do let them know that you are there to support them if needed. Do remind them how amazing of a human being there are and how important they are to you.

The holidays are a very busy time for our industry, just don’t forget to be thankful, show thanks, and be mindful that not everyone celebrates them the same way you do, but in the end, team members support each other through it all!

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