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Give Your Employees a Taste of Comfort

Anticipating your guests’ needs is not only imperative for a business but also gives you a chance to bring some added comfort to their day. Most of us have a dish from either our childhood or culture that brings nostalgia to our hearts. 

As a Workplace Dining Account Manager, timing is everything. Many people have very demanding jobs which means their time is limited. Let’s face it, we get busy. Meetings, phone calls, a long conference that ran later than expected can add additional stress. This is why establishing a reliable routine throughout the week can help anchor the schedules of those around you. I mean…who wants to miss lunch!?

Often times in a corporate work environment the options are limited to pre-packaged snacks and pre-made sandwiches or salads with not much of a variety. More often than not, by the time you get to lunch you’re lucky if there’s anything left!

Having an extensive and ethnocentric menu can often satisfy the needs of everyone in a company. Including the OWNER, CEO, SALES REP or even the SUMMER INTERN. Over time you receive feedback of what guests have really enjoyed and what they would like to see more of. 

That is why developing interpersonal relationships in Workplace Dining is so imperative. It can help create an overall better experience, not just in the moment but also increases morale. It’s important to listen to the needs and desires of “what people want.” 

Feedback given by employees truly accentuates the gratitude of each individual:

“Lunch is my favorite time of day, it gives me something to look forward to!”

“It smells amazing in here, what do we have cooking today?”

“If it wasn’t for you guys, I would just work from home.”

“You have definitely increased work morale since being here!” 

“I love when I don’t have to spend money on lunch because I know there is always something delicious on the menu!”

Gratitude is not something to be taken lightly. Seeing and hearing the responses of employees as they take their first bite of something, watching their faces light up with euphoria is not something you ever get bored of.

Workplace Dining has also played an important role in the new era of hybrid working. Since the pandemic, a lot of employees have preferred to work from home. By offering a luxurious and restaurant style experience, companies have incentivized for their employees to come into work which has proven to increase productivity and employee engagement. 

It feels good to make other people feel good! That is the most rewarding part of the job. When you come from a family of homemakers and caretakers it’s not something that is an obligation but more a reward to take care of people, and I get to do it everyday!

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