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carl shurz

Pride Month, End of School, Start of Summer, & EVENTS!

Anyone in the events + hospitality industry knows that June in New York City is a bit hectic, BUT we love it!
June is not only Pride Month, but the kickoff to summer vacations, a time to put away your textbooks, and for celebrating anything and everything.

The month is jammed-packed with corporate events, fundraisers + galas, as well as plenty of outdoor social gatherings. NYC in June has historically had near-perfect weather for the northeast.

As someone in events, there is nothing more that I love AND fear more than outdoor events in NYC. Rain plans (and now smoke-filled sky plans!!) are always part of the conversation no client wants to have but must. Proper preparation of all backup plans is key to the success of any outdoor event in NYC.

Outdoor venues + spaces in NYC usually come at a premium, but there are still a few hidden gems out there! At Relish, we love working with clients on their outdoor events; extra vitamin D.

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