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carl shurz

March is a Time for More SUN

Growing up in NYC I have always appreciated all four seasons. Going through any northeast winter truly makes you better appreciate when spring in NYC comes back around.

As the team here commemorates International Women’s Day, Employee Appreciation Day, St. Patty’s Day, Ramadan, and more, we also celebrate the beginning of my favorite 92-days of the year.

As the days continue to get longer, outdoor activities begin to rise. NYC streets will start to refill with outdoor diners once again. Trees and flowers blossom and give color to the city’s streets and parks. The energy of the city lifts with each degree the temperature rises. Outdoor catered events start to occur at many of our partner-venue locations. And yes, Love is STILL in the air.

Make sure you appreciate and enjoy these 92-days, because soon, you, like me, will be complaining that it is too hot and where is that amazing fall weather!

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