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Summer Olympics

At Relish Catering + Hospitality, we pride ourselves on transforming events into memorable culinary journeys.

Recently, we had the pleasure of catering a unique Happy Hour for a returning client to welcome their new Summer Interns. Their cocktail party theme took guests to the 2024 Summer Olympics, right in their office! At this global gathering guests who embarked on a culinary adventure spanning five continents, competitive games, and great networking during their first week in the office.

The evening began with a variety of elegantly arranged hors d’oeuvres spanning throughout the world. Our European Steak Frites were delicious NY strip steak with creamy onion jam and crunchy potato cups. Our Harvest Corn Succotash in zucchini cups with white bean puree, millet, and lima beans showed Africa’s vivid tastes. Celebrating the Americas, we served spicy jerk poached chicken salad on house-made plantain crisps with fresh mango. Our Asian-inspired dishes included spicy tuna toro pave with togarashi, furikake, rice, and chives. Our “footie,” a mustard-topped beef and pork sausage roll in butter puff pastry, showed Australia’s influence.

To wrap up this global culinary experience, guests indulged in a decadent Parisian Dessert Display. The assortment included assorted French macarons, raspberry financier (a classic raspberry and almond cake), and Mont Blanc with orange chantilly cream, chestnut puree, and chocolate pâte brisée. The display also featured ruby chocolate éclairs and tropical fruit pâte de fruit, providing a sweet and elegant conclusion to the evening’s feast.

As the evening progressed, guests continued to savor the diverse flavors, enjoying the spirit of the Olympics through a culinary lens. The Olympic Happy Hour was an experience that celebrated global unity through food, laughter, networking, and the shared joy of tasting diverse dishes created a memorable atmosphere, leaving everyone with lasting impressions of the night.

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