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Delicious Bites & Holiday Plans

As I left the party, a woman walked by me remarking to her friend. “She’s gone full long con…she’s calling in sick all week to work just so she doesn’t have to go to the office holiday party!” I chuckled to myself, sounds like her company forgot to book Relish for their party!

This dedication to the long con was nowhere to be found upstairs at Gary’s Lofts as the employees at Bessemer Venture Partners partied into the night. Everyone was in attendance, the seats at the long, greenery-draped farmhouse tables filled with smiling guests starting their dinner. As servers offered wine at their tables, guests enjoyed a Mesclun Salad with cranberries, roasted butternut squash, and beet pickled shallots alongside biscuits and butter served family-style.

Before sitting down to listen to speeches, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour with passed Hors D’oeuvres. The Butternut and Fig Tart was a crowd-pleaser, with the Buffalo Chicken Pop following close behind. Steak Frites, a Harvest Corn Succotash, and a Tart au Provence all found their way from servers’ trays into guests’ hands. At the bar, Truffled Parmesan Popcorn was served alongside Relish’s signature Mac and Cheese snack.

Back at the dinner tables, guests were offered a choice of Herbed Crusted Salmon or Rosemary Crusted Petite Filet. As drinks were topped off, awards were handed out, speeches were given, and laughter was shared over desserts served family-style at the tables – Pate de Fruit, Cheesecake Bites with glazed raspberry, and Chocolate Crunch Tarts with ruby chocolate.

After dinner guests mingled long into the night around the bar. And as co-workers caught up and discussed holiday plans, not a complaint was heard, not even a mouse.

Photo Credit: Silence ByK Photography

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