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Lighting Up The Room

Each month, candlelight concerts are held across New York City, with guests invited to sit among thousands of candles and enjoy the music of classical composers, pop divas, and modern stars. However, the Candlelight Concert on Museum Mile at Church of the Heavenly Rest was a bit more extravagant. 

The largest amount of candles Fever had previously placed in the church for a concert was 11,000, with their average concert having about 5,000 candles. But this event, sponsored by Duracell, was a much larger undertaking with 16,000 Duracell battery-powered candles being placed in the church’s main sanctuary.

The thousands of additional candles were noticeable – overflowing the aisles, cascading over the altar, and surrounding the musicians. A string quartet played Vivaldi Four Season’s and several other beautiful classical pieces as the “flames” flickered. 

After the concert, Duracell’s VIPs were ushered from their seats in the sanctuary to Darlington Hall, also knowns as, No. 2 E. 90th, where they were greeted by smiling Relish staff holding trays of passed hors d’oeuvres. The butternut squash and fig tarts and Maine lobster rice cakes were crowd favorites from the start.

Another 2,100 candles placed in the reception room created a cozy environment as guests mingled around the bar serving an assortment of beer and wine. A pianist played in the corner, carrying the mood of the concert into the room. Additional bites – mozzarella and parmesan arancini and crispy chicken sliders – made the rounds on handmade wooden trays. 

As the night went on, dessert was passed – an apple frangipane galette dusted in powdered sugar, featuring local Hudson Valley apples. The VIPs stayed late into the evening, mingling and enjoying the passed bites. And as guests departed, they were gifted a handprinted tote bag to commemorate their largest candle-lit concert yet. 

Photo Credits: Silence ByK Photography

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